Unreal Reality Takes The Top 3 For The Weekend

Shark Night 3D

The Help nabbed the number 1 spot at the box office again this weekend, making it the third week in a row dominating the top spot, adding another $14 million to its overall total of $118 million in its first four weeks.

The Help wasn’t the only controversial history rewriting drama at the box office this week with The Debt taking over the second spot with $9.67 million in its debut weekend, followed by Apollo 18 with $8.7 million.

Shark Night 3D continues the trend of wholesale rejection of the current crop of 3D movies by the public at large, only earning $8.64 million in the first weekend for the PG-13 sub-Syfy level thriller.

Overall it was an extremely lackluster weekend for theaters around the country, with nothing much on the horizon looking to change things up any time soon.